Vaped Vaporizer has a LCD display that shows you the remaining battery life and how many hits you have taken since last charge. The display is backlit and is clearly visible in the night.


  1. Battery power display: Displays a battery charge meter and shows the battery life remaining, so no more guessing when you need to recharge.
  2. LCD hit counter: Counts the number of hits that you’ve taken since the last charge, the hit counter is excellent in that you can now really keep track of your hits between charges.
  3. Backlit Display: Display has backlight clearly visible in the night.
  4. 5-click safety feature: Click the button five times to turn off the battery and five times again to turn on the battery. This is a very convenient option if you typically carry your vaporizer in your pocket or purse.

How to use Vaped LCD battery:

  1. How to turn on/off: Click the power button five times to turn on the battery and five times again to turn off the battery
  2. How to work:
    1. Screw and connect the LED tank or stainless steel cartridge with the Vaped battery.
    2. The Vaped LCD works only when you press the power button. Press and hold the power button and inhale at the same time.
  3. How to reset: Reset the LCD counter to “0”.
    1. The LCD counter will reset to “0” when you recharge the battery.
  4. How to charge: If the LCD display shows low power, it’s time to charge the Vaped battery. Screw the Vaped battery into the USB charger, then plug it into the PC or wall/car charger/adapter.