Where Do I Register My Warranty?

In your Vaped Vaporizer Kit you were provided with a warranty card & registration #. After locating that go here to Register Warranty.

What Does The Warranty Cover?

Vaped Inc. warrants this product to be free from any defects in materials and workmanship for (1) year from the date of purchase under proper use. Warranty excludes cartridges, misuse and abuse, and any accidental damages.

Do I Need To Clean My Device?

Yes… The Connection & Threading Between The Battery And Cartridge(tank) Should Be Gently Cleaned With A Q-tip Lightly Moistened With Alcohol Or A Alcohol Swab…. Allow To Dry A Few minutes Before Vapeing!

What Is The Difference Between The Luxury Kit & The Micro Kits?

Technically nothing they function the same way however the Micro Kit Comes With the different attachment/accessories than the Luxury Kit

Luxury Kit Includes: 1 Vaped Lithium-Ion battery with LCD digital hit counter & battery life. 1 LED super tank with pen top cover with rubber & chrome mouthpiece. 1 stainless steel tank with plastic & chrome mouthpiece. 1 Vaped dab tool. USB charger, wall/car adapters. Vaped carrying case. 1 year warranty card.

Micro Kit Includes: 1 Micro Vaped Lithium-Ion Battery with 5 click on-off feature. 1 Vaped skillet attachment. 1 Micro Vaped dab tool. 1 USB charger. 1 Micro Vaped aluminum case. 1 year warranty card.

How Do I Turn On/Off My Device?

Click the power button five times to turn on the battery and five times again to turn off the battery

How Come My Tank/Cartridge Won’t Work?

  1. Check To See If Device is Turned On
  2. Check To See If Device Is Charged
  3. Check The Connection Between Tank/Cartridge & Make Sure Is Clean
  4. If None Of Those Work Then U Have A Bad Tank/Cartridge